Android Pie features and Review!

Android Pie features and Review!

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel and other open-source software. Android is developed open Handset Alliance. Android is free and open-source software. This is known as the Android Open Source Project(AOSP). Google is commercially sponsored for AOSP Project. Android is written in mainly using Java. C, C++languages.

android 9 pie

Android Pie Release

Android 9 which is known as Android Pie(Codename). This is a major release of Android Os. Android Pie is the 16th version of Android Os. It was first released as a developer preview on March 7, 2018, And Released publicly on August 6, 2018

Top New Features in Android 9 Pie

  • New Gesture Navigation
  • The App Actions
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • New Screenshot Shortcut
  • Adaptive Battery
  • Adaptive Brightness

Android Pie is a more smooth and fluid Android version when we compare with Android 8 which is known as Android Oreo. In this Android P version utilizes Googles’s material design language.

1.New Gesture Navigation

android 9 pie
The new Navigation Gestures

Considering past Android versions, Android used a standard three-button navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for a long time. Android P changed that standard three-button navigation system and introduced new gestures to navigate your Android device and provided the fluid experience of Android UI.

you can navigate to – head to Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home button. After this, the navigation bar will alter immediately.

2.The App Actions

android 9 pie
The App action

Google’s launcher predicted that the apps the user most liked and mostly used. This was based on the time and time which is spending time at a day. The new feature which is called App Actions can initiate the required tasks and your activities.

3.Digital Wellbeing

android 9 pie
Digital Wellbeing

This is a pretty cool feature that gives us to Android P. Digital Wellbeing identifies the usage of the user. This will show the results of Your usage on your Android device. It will show how many times you spend or used each app. How many times you unlocked your Android Device. This can be used to not to addict your phone or not to addict spending more time in Social media.

4.Enhanced Security Features

android 9 pie
lockdown feature

Android 9 gives you to Lockdown mode which will enhance your security. This can be access at Settings > Security & locations > Lock screen preferences > Show lockdown option. Navigating this path you can enable this feature in your Android device. This lockdown mode can be accessed from the Power menu. when choosing Lockdown mode from the power menu this will lock your device. Let’s think about your device’s primary password pin or pattern. and your device has a fingerprint. enabling this Lockdown mode stops the fingerprint unlocking and the Smart Lock. After enabling this feature you should enter your primary password or pin or pattern.

5.New Screenshot Shortcut

android 9 pie
new screenshot shortcut

In android pie taking screenshots is very simple! Pressing and holding the power button, then tap the Screenshot.

This feature is doing a great job because you do not need to press the combination of the power button or volume up button or volume down button.

In addition, the new Screenshot shortcut feature gives a new edit feature. As soon as your screenshot is saved the preview notification will display the edit button. Selecting the edit button you can edit that screenshot freely!

6.Adaptive Battery

android 9 pie
Adaptive Battery

Android pie comes up with a new feature called Adaptive Battery this will help you to manage your battery life and use your device more efficiency with good battery backup

Adaptive Battery is designed to give you to consistent battery life in your mobile device. Adaptive Battery uses on-device machine learning to figure out which apps you’ll use in the next few hours, and also which you won’t use until later, or at all, today. And then the Android operating system adapts to your usage patterns and so that it spends battery only on the apps and services you care about.”

Battery life is more important for many android users. So in case google as focused on giving good battery life and smooth experience with their devices much better than past android versions.

The adaptive battery is Android 9 pie’s contribution to the ongoing battle to improve battery life. In the adaptive battery, 30 percent deduction in “CPU wakeups for apps”, ability to run background processes on the small ARM CPU cores—has led to unspecified battery life improvements across the board.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to use and configure.

Adaptive Battery is enabled by default in Android 9 Pie, you can find Adaptive Battery feature by navigating to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery.

7.Adaptive Brightness

android 9 pie
Adaptive Brightness

In Android 9 pie, the android’s automatic brightness also got upgraded. This is called Adaptive Brightness, which is meant to intelligently adapt your device’s display to your lightning preferences.

In this feature, your mobile device will learn the brightness level that you are using each and every app and also environment lightning. This feature can help you to adjust automatically your mobile device brightness and also it will automatically adjust brittleness level while you are using various kind of apps

Adaptive Battery is enabled by default in Android pie, You can navigate in settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness.

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