How to unlock any Xioami Phone bootloader

How to unlock any Xioami Phone bootloader

What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is known as a bootstrap loader. The bootloader is the low-level software on your device. This is a special operating system that loads working memory after startup the device. the bootloader is the first thing that starts up when the device is turned on.

Why did XIAOMI lock the Bootloader ?

The bootloader is the thing that verifies our device operating system. mi is now an international brand. but only for some countries. but in previously mi is only in China. If the device that does not have a locked bootloader and that device were stolen, the person who stoled the device he or she can wipe everything in that device and he can flash the Fastboot ROM. If someone loses his or her device he will lose his or her phone. so when the time the device has locked bootloader it can’t be flash Fastboot ROM directly. The bootloader is used to improve the device security

How to check whether bootloader is locked or unlocked?

  • If your device unlocked, it will show “unlocked” or “unlocked lock icon” in the booting screen.
  • Users can check the bootloader status via cmd (fastboot OEM device-info) or navigating to the device Developer option. – Additional Settings> Developer Options – Mi Unlock Status.
  • Unlock tool will show the “unlocked” message
mi unlock status-Xiaomi
Mi unlock status shows in Developer options

Why need to unlock Booloader?

There are some reasons why people need to unlock the bootloader.

  • If there are bored with XIAOMI official ROM.
  • If there are not getting updates.
  • If they need to use any other custom ROM in their devices.
  • If the user needs to root the device and enable more features.

Accomplish these types of reasons people need to unlock bootloader.because if bootloader locked, can’t flash custom ROM or root your device. To do these kinds of things you need to unlock the bootloader of your device.

can Re-Lock Bootloader?

You can do it from flash official ROM by the “Clean all and lock” option or you can do it Platform tool.

Let’s begin the Unlocking bootloader!

  1. Backup all your personal data.
    • unlocking bootloader will remove your all the dat.because in the unlocking process your device will get resettled.

2. Download the mi unlock tool from here.

Xiaomi unlock tool

3. Now you need to enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking

USB Debugging and OEM unlocking Xiaomi

4. Now Connect your device with the internet using mobile data and click “Add account and device”.

you just need to log in to your Mi account with your device. After successfully added the Mi Account you will see a success message.

Mi unlock status Xiaomi

5. Turn off your device and put into fastboot mode

You can shut down or turn off your phone and then you need to go to Fastboot mode by pressing Power and Volume down button at the same time. Then connect your phone through data cable to your computer or laptop. If you are in the Fastboot mode you will see Fastboot screen with mi bunny in black background.

6. Now Open the miflash-unlock exe which is downloaded you before.

7. Sign in to your Mi Account which is added to your device previous step.

Xiaomi Unlock tool Xiaomi

8. If your unlocking tool show Phone Connected message it means your phone connected to your PC successfully. If it shows Not Connected to the phone then try to install Mi USB drivers and try again.

Xiaomi unlock tool

9. Now you can click the Unlock button

after click unlock button it will show attention message. Click Unlock Anyway Button.

Xiaomi unlock tool

10. Then your device will unlock Mi unlock tool will display Unlocked successfully message and turn on to Operating System.

Xiaomi unlock Success

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