Apple iOS 14 Apple launches a new iPhone home screen, widgets, Siri, and more!

Apple iOS 14 Apple launches a new iPhone home screen, widgets, Siri, and more!

During an Online keynote for Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), the Apple company launched iOS 14. The preview iOS 14 includes a major redesign of the iPhone home screen, new widgets, picture-in-picture video, and also iOS 14 comes up with a new Siri interface.

IOS 14 mainly focused on the home screen, notifications, and Today’s view. There were already apps and also widgets that are based on your installed apps that are available on the Today view page. Now, there is another form called App Clips. When you need the functionality of an app that you don’t have.

A developer version of iOS 14 is currently available (public beta) to download launching in July. A final iOS 14 will be released with the rumored iPhone 12.

iOS 14 App library makes your device home screen better look and manageable

Since iOS launched in 2007, the iPhone’s home screen has remained the same aside from aesthetic changes. in ios 13, moving apps and organizing apps can be quite difficult with iPhone forces apps to fill in the form of the top-left side of the screen.
The App library in iOS 14 is a new page on the home screen which automatically organizes all of your apps i3 into one view. In-App Library gives you several different ways to group and navigates your apps

ios 14
New App Library page on iOS 14 home screen

The App Library smartly bundles your apps into a group of apps by categorizing them. For example apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter these apps are categorized under social media. If you do not like to App Library you can use the current way you have your apps organized

Picture-in-Picture Video comes to the home screen

iOS 14 - picture-in-picture
Picture-in-picture in iOS 14

iOS 14 now lets users have picture-in-picture video on their home screen like iPadOS and MacOS. This feature is a very effective feature which will allow you to watch video while doing anything that you like to do with your iPhone

The feature even works when you’re on a phone call or FaceTime call. That said, if it’s like the version found on iPadOS 13, you won’t be able to have YouTube videos play (aside from the audio) on your home screen.

iOS 14 Messages let pin conversations

iOS 14 Messages app lets you pin conversation at top of the app. you can specify a person in a group message thread by typing their name like other messaging clients. You can customize a group thread, only receive notifications when your name is mentioned

iOS 14 gives new interface of Siri

ios 14 -Siri
Apple Siri interface

Currently, when you trigger Siri, the full screen goes black and hiding everything. When you trigger Siri in iOS 14, you will see small animation at the bottom of the screen. Messages app audio features can be accessed from Siri directly.

App Clips help you to fast functionality

iOS 14-App Clips
App clips – when you need access to app that you don’t have to find app and download and wait for app to install.get direct access and full functionality with App Clips!

This feature is the well-thought-out point in iOS 14. Let’s think you are in a shopping mole resturent.then you want to use a rewards program using the restaurant’s app. but you don’t have the app installed. Using a QR code or NFC at a restaurant, a square card will pop up on the bottom of the screen like when direct AirPods. This card gives you to direct access functionality of that app’s developer. because of this feature, you don’t need to download an entire app.

Memoji get more customizations

iOS 14- Memoji
iOS 14 new Memoji options

Memoji will get new customizations. Apple added new headwear options and 20 new hair as well as new-age options. There are three new memories. which are hug, first bump, and blush? One of the added features is the ability to put a face mask on your emoji.

Siri can Translate text with help of Translate app

Translate app is the one of cooler feature which comes with Apple iOS 14. With the help of this translate app, you can translate text or dictation. This is similar to the Google Translate app. You can translate things using this translation app offline you do not have to be online. It works with iPhone’s onboard Neural Engine. In this case, your privacy is much protected

iOS 14 - translate app
iOS 14 Translate app

You can trigger a translate app with Siri and the app can automatically detect the language. You can trigger a translate app with Siri and the app can automatically detect the languages. At the launch, the translate app will support 11 languages.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin Chinese

Call notification windows

The call notification windows get smaller in Apple iOS 14 similar to how minimizes Siri interface. The incoming calls will no longer appear on the full screen. calls will have a notification window at the top of the screen.

iOS 14
iOS 14 new call nofication screen

Car Play get a digital car key

You will be able to lock, unlock, and start your car with your iPhone or Apple watch instead of a physical car key. This features uses NFC and let you share the key with your trusted persons. These digital car keys will be available next year!

WWDC Keynote

WWDC20 keynote

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