Microsoft Edge comes in second place over Firefox

Microsoft Edge comes in second place over Firefox

Microsoft announced that they’re functioning on a replacement Edge browser supported the Chromium project to exchange their old Edge browser.

What is the New Edge Browser?

The new Edge browser is powered by Chromium open-source project. Chromium is that the basis of Google Chrome, therefore the new Edge browser is analogous to Google Chrome. Edge Included features that are found in Chrome. This Edge browser has supported Chrome browser extensions and has an identical rendering engine because of the Google Chrome browser. In the past, if a web site that was designed for Google Chrome and that browser does not work in the Old Edge browser. Now work properly within the new Edge Browser.

What you wish to understand New Edge Browser

  • Microsoft changed its Edge browser icon and replace the new Icon.
  • Attractive new design and UI.
  • Can flick through the web smartly and simply.
  • Improve privacy and security.
  • Take control of your data.
  • Stay private online
  • Support on all versions of Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft released its new Edge browser which was powered by the Chromium project. They build a completely new desktop browser. Now Microsoft Edge browser getting ground on its competition. In keeping with the most recent results, Microsoft edge passed Mozilla’s Firefox to become the world’s second most used desktop browser.

Microsoft second place Data coming from analytics from NetMarketShare, and also the changing fortunes for Firefox occurred in March. Now it’s the second most used desktop browser within the world with a market share of 7.59 percent with Firefox very close at 7.19 percent.


in case Google Chrome is that the most used desktop browser with the world, with 68.50 percent of the market. Many folks and tech giants believe Microsoft has a chance to become the world’s top desktop browser. However, that’s in the future for now Google chrome is that the top browser within the world.

Previously, Chrome Editor Browser and First Edge Browser were placed first, while Firefox Browser was placed third and Edge Browser second. However, the Google Chrome browser still leading in the first place which consists of 68.5% percentage of market share.

The New Edge Browser can Customize and Personalize the Interface

The new Edge browser has a lovely design like Chrome and lots of things to customize and personalize the view of the Edge user interface.

Microsoft Edge
New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft said they’re going to develop their Edge browser and fix bugs in the current version and that they will give updates as soon as possible. However, the new edge browser will be a challenge for Google Chrome Browser.

Download Microsoft Edge Browser from Here

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